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Due to the current situation in the world and requests of clients to provide new solutions and approaches, we are offering a new service – events without audience. We offer online video studio setting, all necessary technical infrastructures for streaming in various platforms, required personnel and provide all hygiene and protective activities for the involved persons. This is the option not only to remotely be part of important general meetings of the company, speeches, award ceremonies, presentations and large conferences but also virtually interact in the course of these events.

Conferences are a place where people gather to find new contacts and discover the latest information in the particular field or area. Socializing is an integral part of conferences. Nevertheless, content of the conference is what matters the most. By using modern technologies we can freely stream the content of conferences online without missing the latest updates of the industry. Also to provide networking options during the conference “” offers interactive solutions to participate in the event, for example: record video questions for the speakers of the conference, use virtual chat rooms, virtual applause, online voting, quizzes and other interactively entertaining and engaging solutions.

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