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Those times when conferences simply were a get together to exchange information are long gone, we have internet for that purpose now. Conferences have become an adventure – offering feelings, experiences, valuable networking options and new possibilities.

Technologies, innovative and creative solutions allow the conferences to reach next level. Conference is the reflection of the company – excellent communication and marketing tool. Traditionally a Theater type of seating were used at conference venues and it was sometimes even physically hard for the delegates to sit for eight hours, trying to focus all this time. We provide alternative solutions to our clients as to the conference seating plans: maintain the classic Theater type of seating at the front rows, placing arm-chairs with tables for coffee and laptops on the second level and standing tables on the third level to enjoy coffee and snacks more comfortably, network or simply stretch your spine.

Also screens are available outside the large halls in the lounge areas allowing the delegates to follow the conference agenda while sipping coffee, moving around, sending an e-mail, answering the important phone call, having conversation with the colleague. Lounge areas add democratic atmosphere to the event. It is almost like a “festival feel”.

Conference as the reflection of values – with the help of conference company demonstrates the clients, cooperation partners or simply wider audience how modern, open and progressive it is. Especially international companies with offices both in the Baltic countries and other parts of the world frequently say: we want to organize something better than we experienced last year in another country.

First the event organizer from the marketing and PR perspective needs to find out the best way of adding the brand value to the event. Conference starts with the idea and invitation. Invitation in the form of app, as a website or staying true to traditional values – paper form, provides the first impression about the event. For example, you can use augmented reality apps – send paper invitation into which the camera of the mobile phone generates 3D image through the app.

Nevertheless, content is the most important part of the conference.
It should be delivered creatively – so it is perceived better.
You need to associate conference with good and vivid emotions, then people will remember it.

There are various technological options nowadays – round stages, augmented reality and 360° projections is just a small part of innovations in the world of interactive presentation possibilities. But at the end experiences and emotions remembered after the event will be most important for the client. Memories connected with the brightest emotions will be the most lasting.
Our app is very popular allowing the conference delegates to vote and choose when to have a coffee beak, what music to play, what lighting should be switched on in the hall, or which cake to pick for the evening – chocolate or cherry. This has become a very demanded option.

We also organize conferences in non-traditional spaces – outdoors, industrial premises, old hangars. We create interesting and surprising pop-up venues for the conferences.

Our team will offer unlimited creativity and meticulous attention to detail in organizing your conferences!


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